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Sales Dashboard

The interactive Traction sales dashboard is among the most popular visuals. It is synchronized with all the actions of the other workflow boards. 

See sales appear on the dashboard in real time with simple symbol and color coding. Understand at first glance if the sale is financed or not, if financing is approved, if the unit is in stock or not, including accessories or parts on order.


Have all the status information directly from the sales dashboard. An essential tool for your managers who will know exactly who is selling what, to whom, how and when.


Dynamic Workflow

The workflow module is limited by only one thing: your imagination!

You can use workflows to track product readiness and manage
locations on request. See in real time the status of the preparation in progress.
The physical location of units on their way to delivery. 

Everyone involved in the process will know in real time that the unit is either
waiting for parts, being prepared or in the delivery area with simple, efficient and clear status icons.

Email analysis and attribution

With Traction, email scanning is achievable not just on first contact but throughout the process.

Each action, new e-mail, e-mail received or e-mail sent, is recorded in the customer file. Each unanswered email is displayed and identified by an icon in all workflow tables.

No loss of customer or prospect contact if you ever experience staff movement or during your employees' holidays or vacations.


Contacts with customers are linear and permanent. Since the information is archived in full and transferable from one user to another, Traction ensures smooth and consistent follow-up with customers.

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