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Customer card

The most important part of the CRM, the customer file. This is where you will find all the fields necessary to complete a sale or simply follow up with a customer. The salesperson or even the parts clerk will be able to enter customer information, type of interest, home address, email, cell phone number, etc. A customer has an interest in a displayed vehicle, don't wait a second and enter it in his customer file. This will allow you to track exactly what type of vehicle the customer is looking for. 

Keep complete history on this client with traces of calls, emails, texts and any other contact there may be. Even if the information comes from outside, Traction doesn't miss a thing! 


Build a suitable form for your event, your credit request, a request for information, whatever the type of request, you are able to create your own form. Using a URL, you can use it under any platform. If you choose the Website plan, we are able to integrate all your forms on your site. Assign specific employees, department  specific and voila! Let your imagination run wild and collect as much information as you need. All the data collected will be automatically transferred to Traction, even for making an appointment for the service, that's great, isn't it?


Possibility to build your contract from A to Z or to offer a quote to the customer with this module. Build your price, add your accessories, add the basic fees and you will be able to give the exact amount to your client. No need to go see his manager, he can follow everything from his screen and approve the transaction.

Also, with Lautopak, you will be able to export the Traction contract to it. No more double work. We offer the possibility of giving a financing scenario with different formulas.

Customer recovery

You are away, you want to follow the opportunities remotely? Collect as much information as possible with this module. Quickly, you will be able to see the number of opportunities created, the number of opportunities coming from a specific source or even from a medium such as email. It's a fabulous tool for carrying action across multiple maps at the same time. 

The marketing team can easily use it to pull out a specific customer list for marketing follow-up or just customer follow-up.

Customer process

Establishing specific rules to improve customer service is no problem for Traction. With its customer process module, you can build your own filter to select customers who have a common interest or simply customers who bought on a specific date. Assign tasks so salespeople can follow up with customers, add comments directly to the customer card to explain a situation, or simply use it for a customer satisfaction survey.

Task scheduler

Using the task calendar, every employee is able to plan their schedule with this module. He will be able to plan his next deliveries, his next follow-ups and plan his follow-up if the client has decided to postpone the project until next year. It is important to create tasks to ensure precise follow-up with our client. It is as important for the director to follow his team on the tasks to come, to do or those late.

The task can be created by the employee or by another employee, subscribe to the task, modify your task, it's your work tool, don't forget it. Traction works with a precise color chart, so there's no chance of forgetting a task.

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