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Multiple reports

In order to establish the best action plan, it is essential to properly measure the progress of the various sources within your company.

Traction, with the help of its team of seasoned specialists, together with the folks in the field testing the platform at our test dealership, has created a real-time reporting tool from all sources, including all sources (email, telephone, external links, manufacturer, sms, store visit, etc.).


From the first contact until the end of the transaction, the data will be compiled and displayed clearly. 

It is now easy to reduce your acquisition costs and target your best performing sources. You will be able to exploit each source to the maximum of its potential in relation to your yields.


Inventory management

It is important to know where your money is in inventories. Traction offers you transparency at all levels, be it the age of the stocks or the amount of your money invested in this unit.

The Traction team has set up a series of indicators related to market constraints.

Optimize your turnover and control your cash flow.

With Traction, it is possible to manage your cash directly according to the agreement you have with the Banks. 

The sales tracking table




Exporting reports

Traction gives you the possibility to export all performance reports in a few clicks and in different formats.

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