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Design of a website

You want to be 100% Traction, then we have the package for you. Complete your CRM with the website service. We work with the Magento platform and we can design your website by adding several benefits.

You want to do e-commerce, the Magento platform also allows it. Traction has designed the sites of Mathias Sports, Mathias Marine, Groupe Contant, Lévesque trailers and Gator trailers.

Embedded form

The advantage of making your website by Traction is that we are able to integrate all the forms on your site and collect all the necessary information. No need for the Traction team to build them, no need for a diploma, with the help of our training articles, you are able to build them yourself.

Create your funding application form, contact us, information request, evaluation request, test drive, etc., there is no limit with this module.


All CRM inventory is integrated into your website. Whether for new, used or demo inventory, display everything you want to offer to customers. You have a promotion, you added custom parts, apply it all in Traction and less than 24 hours your site will be updated. Be sure to take photos of your vehicles with the mobile app and you will be assured that all your vehicles have a photo.

Automation - Marketing - SEO

Do you want to improve your SEO and be in the TOPS in Google search? Opt for texts, keywords and descriptions adapted to your products. Magento allows you to target the most words for each page, each category and each product. We will analyze your current site and the most used words in order to target as much as possible what the customer is looking for.

Build your texts only once and these will automatically apply to all identical products, no need to rewrite a text for each product or to copy paste. The advantage of these texts is that when you compose them for your website, they will also be transmitted to external links such as Kijiji, Auto Hebdo, LesPacs, and all other display platforms.

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