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All opportunities synced

All opportunities sync in real time when the new opportunity is created.

Whether it's a call, email, or request for information from a retail platform where you display your products, the social networks you use, or a direct in-store opportunity; Traction has the ability to infinitely display the different actions between the opportunity and the company in a sustainable way over time.


The parallel synchronization of the departments involved and the stakeholders in the process allows a seamless evolution of the customer experience in your company.


EVERYTHING on one page

Clear and efficient

The information of the current statuses or action in development automatically synchronized on the opportunity card. Each opportunity can contain multiple units purchased or coveted by the customer.

You will know at a glance what status the current opportunity is in and what action needs to be taken. Each user will definitely increase their added value with each participation in the opportunity. Every hour spent in the company by every employee becomes beneficial to the sales force and the development of opportunities.

Quickly, you will see the customer's information, such as first name, phone, email and more. Add the number of the current unit in the process and the status in the current department. Information on the preparation, the status of parts orders are accessible at a glance.

Be agile in a solid, efficient and simple environment!

Traction will allow you to synchronize actions from both outside and inside the company. Sending and receiving information has never been so complete and above all simple.

Ongoing user training will create a rapid increase in net profit while increasing the quality of work delivered by your employees.

Frustrations and conflicts at work are often caused by the lack of information sharing in the company. The employee being poorly supported by his complex work tools and not adapted to the work requested becomes discouraged and is unable to communicate the information adequately and in a relevant way to his client.


His lack of enthusiasm is felt in his involvement with the client and the latter, feeling that he does not receive the best response, becomes discouraged in his search.

The concept of "everything in one place" with Traction solves the problem with a single click. Your representative will know exactly which unit the customer is interested in and have all the information right in front of them instantly to stimulate customer interest and ultimately close the sale with total customer satisfaction.

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