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The Sales Dashboard is the coaching tool of excellence! Managing a sales team? This tool will become your best friend! You have many possibilities with this tab:

  • Modulate the objectives of a sales representative

  • Filter the display table

  • View new opportunities

  • See profit on all sales

  • See the number of sales made

  • See different colors depending on their delivery status or if the sale has been canceled

  • And more... !

Based on this data, guide your sales teams and analyze your performance at a glance.

Tracking goals and sales

Any company comes to a point in its growth where the entry of new leads is regularized with a volume that stabilizes.


Firmly installed with a constant flow, it is now necessary to create volume within the volume. It is therefore important to have an objective monitoring tool in order to structure and plan an effective follow-up.

Opportunity tracking delivers great results, but they're hard to measure. Traction offers the most advanced board on the market. The basics of information come from three major sources. 

First, at a glance, see where the opportunity is in its journey. How many opportunities are waiting to be answered and for how long.


Then, from this data, you can be able to create scales of response times and see these response times without having to print a report but more simply by consulting the opportunity tracking table.

You will be able to see directly on this table, each action taken.

Whether it's in writing, via call, text, or in-store visit, compile the exact data, opportunity by opportunity.

See which client or record is incomplete, what the client is looking at and then determine the status of the opportunity. Build your contract from the customer file.

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