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Traction is available on all mobile platforms. Whether you are with Android or iOS, the application is accessible. You will be able to communicate easily with the client, whether by email or sms. If you are in the showroom, far from your computer, no problem! The application offers you easy access to create a new customer file.

No need to invest in cameras

Nikon, Canon, Sony, no need to invest. With the app you can take pictures of the vehicle or customer's product and everything will be transmitted to the CRM. Make sure the photo is clear and you're done!


As a manager, you are able to see what is happening in your department. See the number of pending emails, sales, overdue tasks and all the other indicators you need recorded during the day or month,

You have a delivery coming up, you need to move a vehicle from the warehouse, with the app you can manage everything remotely with the Workflow tab. Add icons, change the color of the map, everything is accessible in one touch.

You are competitive, you want to finish the day with the most points and meet your daily goal, track your performance at all times.

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