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Traction is based on 3 main bases: the Kanban method to optimize processes, management by analysis to properly direct its sales teams and content to automate tasks.

The ultimate goal of Traction: TRACK!

Be able to have a view of the whole company
at a glance. Visualize the necessary continuous coaching according to the improvement opportunities of the users. Fewer hallway meetings and planning meetings. Significant time savings in preparing for performance meetings.
Autonomy of the employee and his department.


Focused synchronization

The focused synchronization technique is essentially to gather information from different stakeholders on the same opportunity. This technique significantly improves the customer experience.

Its implementation reduces the time to invest internally to process the entire operation. So you increase sales revenue by adding value to the overall customer experience in your business.

Leaders set the pace

All the operations linked and synchronized between them establish a rhythm conveyed by the leaders. The beauty of the principle is in the ripple effect that is created for the rest of the team. Your team will find themselves pulled forward like the whole process. 




Tract: we use the power
of the Kanban method to optimize your results.


by analysis

Accurate data is available to manage every one
of your salespeople.

The power

Our algorithms help optimize workflows to save time and money.

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