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The poka-yoke keying system is the invention of an engineer, Shigeo Shingō (1909-1990). He was very interested in quality control and everything that could bring an organization towards “zero defects”. It is in this register that he was led to build the poka-yoke. Prevention is better than cure.

The “Poka Yoke” foolproof system…

The Poka that interests us here with Traction is the prevention/proaction corrector. This literally prevents any errors from occurring. It therefore does not require any corrective action. So no waste of time. The process runs its course without error.

Due to all the factors present in a transaction, there is little time to focus on the end goal and even less time to improve processes. Living in reactionary mode eats away at your team's efficiency and morale. You want things to be less chaotic and more aligned so your team can deliver more value to the organization and your customers.


But to align on what is most important to the business, you need to be able to visualize the conflicting priorities and highlight the steps to be taken. Increased transparency can give you a voice in implementing sustainable improvements that can positively impact your organization's bottom line.

In a single glance, knowing the customer, his history, follow-ups and his progress within your company has never been easier. Listen to the conversations, reread your emails, see how his accessories are ordered.

Having all this integrable training content will solidify the strengths of your employees and allow you, as an employer, to ensure constant development and, as a company, to position yourself favorably against the competition. Upload your own training capsules in Traction and thus empower your employees to train and develop. Adapt your training in line with your answers and results. Targeted and personalized training for each stakeholder in the sales process.

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