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Call tracking

The 100% integrated calls system, developed by Traction, allows you to record every incoming or outgoing call. All conversations are recorded in the customer file and archived indefinitely. You can assign roles per user to give rights to telephone tapping. Plus, we offer private call settings, so you can assign who has access to what recordings.

Traction also lists the total number of calls for the day broken down by agent and department.

When all users are currently busy; ditch the post-it with Call Notes.

Analyze and compile response time statistics to thus be able to develop your call management strategies. An essential performance and profitability tool in a field where the telephone is an essential work tool.

Call supervisor


In a time when many companies are turning to automated call centers for their supposed performance; Traction offers a human solution for the customer experience on the phone.

We provide an ultra-personalized service to your customers by offering them the opportunity to speak in person, in a dynamic way, to your reception agents and your representatives.

The Call Supervisor is aptly named. You will be able to set up a solid process of continuous training based on listening and quality control of calls in your company. You will also be able to oversee every phone interaction with each customer. 

You will become a precursor of the telephone customer experience. Improving the quality of your communications, solidifying the relationship with your current customers and building a loyal and enthusiastic clientele for the future.

Call Notes

Thanks to its test center, Traction is able to be used concretely in a sales context. In effect,
by implementing Traction in an existing dealership, it is possible to test the complete interface in
real situations and detect the improvements to be made during the next updates.

The Call Note is a concept created by Traction following requests from our test dealer. 
This tool will quickly become very important within your company.

Each speaker can create his own call note. He can assign it to the user of his choice and/or
and department of his choice.

With this simple and powerful tool, it is easy to see the calls assigned to us and quickly follow up with our clients.

Quickly following up on your calls and the employees responsible for them has never been easier.

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