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Call management

The 100% integrated calls system, developed by Traction, allows you to record every incoming or outgoing call. All conversations are recorded in the customer file and archived indefinitely. You can assign roles per user to give rights to telephone tapping. Plus, we offer private calls, so only one person can listen to their own calls. Be able to see the employee's availability, is he on the phone, available, meeting, on leave or unavailable? This avoids transferring customer calls unnecessarily.


Analyze the speed of response, compile response time statistics and thus be able to develop your call management strategies. An essential performance and profitability tool in a field where the telephone is an essential working tool. Select a time range to see all statistics. Manage your employees' schedules and break time in favor with this module. You are able to see how many calls were not answered, how many were returned to reception, and more.


Need to listen to a call again or you want to improve communication with the customer, this module will allow you to compile all incoming and outgoing calls, because we record everything that goes through our telephone system. Your trainer can also rate the call out of 5 stars and leave a comment to help the employee improve their communication.

Call notes

No more pink papers, post-its, numerous emails and always not knowing if the customer has been called back or not. Avoid voicemail, as you will have no control over the employee's efficiency. This module is exceptional, because you see all the calls returned to the reception and the customer wishes to leave a message so that he can be called back. See who completed the note versus who is late.

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